Payroll Procedures

Processing Schedule

Submit completed payroll information by fax, e-mail or dropping off your payroll information to our office no later than 9:00 a.m. the 2 days prior to the check date.You may also call in your payroll and give the information to your Payroll Specialist; again this needs to be done by 9:00 a.m. 2 days prior the check date.

Payroll will be ready for pick-up the next day. If your payroll is to be mailed or delivered it will be mailed out or sent to the courier service at the end of that same workday. Delivery in Chesterfield is next day.

If for any reason it is necessary to change your scheduled processing day, please give us as much advance notice as possible to ensure that your payroll will be delivered when you need it.

Completed payroll information received after 9:00 a.m. on your scheduled day is considered late and may affect when you are able to receive your payroll and the day your checks are dated. The time your payroll is received is recorded. It is your responsibility to get your payroll worksheet to us on time.

Billing Information

You will be notified of payroll cost including employee and employer taxes, direct deposits, checks, and processing fees by receiving the liability sheet and invoice each pay period.

These amounts will be debited on the check date; so please be aware that this will be done automatically and if funds are not available there may be additional charges or we may terminate or modify the services we provide at any time.


Information about your payroll is strictly confidential.

Therefore, we require authorization regarding whom we may speak with at your company about payroll matters. Please keep us updated on authorized contacts.

If you pick-up payroll and need to have someone other than the authorized person perform this task, please call our office and let the receptionist know who will be picking up the payroll. That person will be required to show a picture ID in order for the payroll to be released.

Submitting Payroll Data

Included with each payroll is a helpful worksheet for you to record the information we need. Please verify all information each payroll. The worksheet shows:

  • Department employees are currently assigned to
  • Current pay rate (optional)
  • Deductions and garnishments including voluntary deductions (i.e. 401(k), health ins., etc.) on each check that will be taken out on the specified schedule

Please fax, e-mail or drop off your payroll worksheet to us as soon as possible.

Completed payroll information received after 9:00 a.m. on your scheduled day is considered late and may affect when you are able to receive your payroll and the day your checks are dated. The time your payroll is received is recorded. It is your responsibility to get your payroll worksheet to us on time.

Hourly Employees

To pay hourly employees you must submit the number of regular and overtime hours to be paid. Please use decimal format.

If an hourly employee is not to be paid, write "0" on the line next to the employees name on the worksheet.

Salaried Employees

  • Salaried employees are NOT automatically paid.
  • You must indicate that we are to pay them by circling the word "salary" or the salary amount or writing the word pay next to the salary amount.
  • If a salaried employee is to be paid a different amount than the regular pay, please indicate the amount by crossing out the salaried amount and writing in the new amount. Please indicate if this is a permanent change.
  • If a salaried employee is NOT to be paid, write "0" or "no pay " next to the salary amount.

Payroll Totals

At the end of the worksheet, please record totals so we can verify that our totals match yours. Add up the total employees to be paid. Total the regular hours and overtime hours separately.

We confirm each payroll is correct by comparing our totals to yours. If there is a difference, we will verify your calculation and call if there is a discrepancy. If totals are not provided we consider the worksheet to be incomplete and we will try to contact you to get the correct totals.

Because of the timeliness of payroll, we may be forced to process your payroll, but we will not be held liable for any corrections that may need to be made. Ultimately this will be your responsibility.

Additional Pay Information

Any employee can be paid additional hours for holiday, vacation, sick pay, etc. The additional pay can be included in the regular paycheck or you may ask for separate checks. Please make sure the Payroll Specialist is aware of a multiple check request.

New Hires

For your convenience this site has all of the forms a new employee is required to fill out. You are required by law to keep copies of the completed forms.

Please have the new employee fill out the "New Employee Information" form and the "Direct Deposit Authorization" form. These are the only forms that we request from you.

The MO W-4 must be sent to the state of Missouri within 20 days of employment to the address listed on the form under; " NOTICE TO EMPLOYER".

AccuPay APS can file these forms for you with the state. There is a minimal charge for this service; please contact your Payroll Specialist if you would like to take advantage of this service.

If you have more than 5 new employees per payroll; we request that your payroll specialist receive the new hire sheets at least 2 days prior to your payroll processing date.

Enter the employee’s name on the Input Worksheet and any hours or wages this employee may have accrued for the pay period.

Permanent Changes

The following types of permanent changes should be reported to us with each payroll:

  • Employee Name (when incorrect, married or divorced)
  • Employee address
  • Social Security number (if incorrect)
  • Rate of pay
  • Change in withholding status
  • Amount of voluntary deductions (i.e. health ins., 401(k) amounts or %, etc.)
  • Change in Direct Deposit account

Near the end of each year, you will receive a report listing employees and their information. For the accurate generation of W-2’s, you will be required to review the information and return it to us reporting any necessary changes.

Handwritten and Voided Checks

Whenever you issue a manual check or void a payroll check that has been issued, the check must be reported to us as soon as possible.

We have the ability to use a "Tax Calculator" screen within our payroll system to calculate "net" checks or to "gross up" a check. Our suggestion would be that if possible, you call us before any manual checks are written.

Every circumstance is different; so there may be multiple options available to you, but please let us know what your situation is at the time.