New Employee Forms

Employee New Hire/Rehire/Termination Form

You must fill out this form for all new employees, as well as any current employee that has any type of status change (i.e. address, tax, etc.) Please fill out this form completely especially the tax information, which should match the employees' W-4, so your payroll specialist can assure that the employee is taxed correctly. We have added EEO information for employers with more than 100 employees.

Federal I-9 Form

This form is issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service and requires that you verify the identity and eligibility for employment on anyone hired after November 6, 1986.

Federal W-4

All employees must t fill out a W-4 or W-4A dated on or after October 1, 1987. The employee does not have complete another unless he or she wants to change their withholding with the following exception. Any employee that claims more than 10 dependents must fill out a new W-4  each year and the W-4 filled with the IRS

Missouri W-4

This form is similar to the federal form. A completed copy must be sent to Missouri Department of Revenue, PO Box 3340, Jefferson City, MO 65105-3340 within 20 days of an employee's hire date. AccuPay APS can provide this service for a minimal fee, contact your payroll specialist. The state uses this form to check for tax or child support delinquencies and will notify you if you need to with hold any payments from the employee wage.

Direct Deposit Add/Delete/Change Form

Any employee that chooses to participate in direct deposit or make any changes must fill this form out. A Voided check (for checking account- a deposit slip will not work) OR a signature from the bank stating the routing and account number (for savings account - a deposit slip will not work) MUST accompany this form for it to be processed.

Garnishment Affidavit-Head of Houshold

This form is for an employee to claim Head of Household status for garnishment. A new form must be filled out and notarized for each garnishment.